Luna Beau

This is the third poem I wrote. I was stargazing when inspiration struck. Tell me what you think.


Gracefully, oh so gracefully, that lady

She bears her pale beauty

Flirting with the stars

At times courting Mars


Waltzing on the skies, your dance floor

Sometimes disappearing through a hidden door

With a suitor or mayhap alone

Then returning to rest on your mobile throne


Come our dear beau!

Grace our skies with thy beautiful hue

For you alone

Are our moon


by Franklynne Nathalia Cassell

City luna

As you may or may not have noticed, things have been a bit sketchy lately and I’ve been MIA. No more. I’ve finally ironed out a posting schedule. Every second and fourth Friday I’ll post a poem and every Wednesday I’ll post a review (series: tv series, book series,or movie). Thank you for your patience with me and my temporary fickleness. Hope you enjoy the poem. Tell me if the name is suitable or if I should change it, is it complete? ‘Til I blog again. Ta!

Mama Africa

I love Africa

It’s not Antarctica

You’ll never find a replica

I like to call it Exotica

A land of beautiful green

Minerals abundant like you’ve never seen

Beauty inside and out like a lovely sheen

Our precious Exotica I mean

Whenever things get practical

And times are critical 

It’s difficult to be formal

Because our love for Exotica is unconditional

by Franklynne N. Cassell


So I wrote this when I was in high school. What do you think? Is it incomplete? Is the title fitting? Is it a decent poem? Let me know what you think. Remember be honest, not rude. I’ll post a review of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage or a review of Logan next. You decide. Until next time. Ta!