Deductive Reviewing

Sherlock series 4 was hearts wrenchingly beautiful. The messages, the delivery, the storyline and the acting were all flawless. Never once did I scream “BORING” or “NEXT” as I am wont to do when watching some series(TV shows) these days. I only wish it were longer but Moffat and Gatiss, the geniuses, take the whole “leave them wanting more” very seriously. I was riveted from start to finish of the series. The death of Mary was heartsbreaking. Eurus is such a complex but beautiful character who just wanted to play with her brother. Admittedly, the value and sense of self-worth Sherlock finally gained was amazing. We see a Sherlock who has grown and matured in a beautiful way because he had to. We see Mary as the genius she always was and her dynamic with Sherlock and Watson was a thing of dreams. I can honestly say that I cried for the confused and lonely child Eurus was. Sherlock finally remembering Lestrade’s (I’d say Greg but I don’t want to confuse anyone) name was a good touch. The Woman is still in the picture, yay.
Molly is such a beautiful and tolerant person. Sherlock finally showed everyone that beautiful soul of his.

221B Baker Street blokes

Mycroft is SENTIMENTAL! He loves Sherlock and the rest of their family so much I think it scares him what lengths he’s willing to go to for them. That’s why he won’t let himself form any other emotional attachments. I think that John behaved badly. There was Eurus and also how he treated Sherlock when Mary died. Yes he was hurt but he gutted Sherlock, the one person who‘s capable of helping him heal properly. My roommate disagrees but that’s my opinion. He knows he can wound Sherlock like no other but he still carried on with it. For ages! I’m glad Mary set him straight and they could finally begin to heal together because Sherlock lost her too. Mrs. Hudson is my hero because she remained strong and she helped them heal. Mrs. Hudson is so cool and fierce!


There’s the beauty of family and friends that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Unlike other series, there are no unnecessary details in Sherlock. In fact you have to be quick so you can pick up the clues as they are presented along the way. The best relationship in the series is Sherlock’s relationship with Rosie. It’s so beautiful! Sure Rosie has a relationship with John, Mary, Molly and Mrs. Hudson but her relationship with Sherlock is the best. Series four was torturously wonderful and I can only say “NEXT!” I can’t wait for series five. Finally, to all of you out there who need reminding, “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF IT!” Ta!