Hearts Ripped Out!!!

Logaaaaaaaaan! Is it just me or does the fact that Charles Xavier has no control over his mind seem funny? He killed the other mutants? RETCON! Or did he? The movie only hints at this. Does this mean Magneto and The Juggernaut are hiding out somewhere? They couldn’t have been affected by his mental assault because of their helmets, right? So where were they? Charles was still alive, they can’t say age got them. The Albino (Caliban), lol, so sassy and patient. Logan, bringing us the gore but with a walking stick? Basically since he’s not healing anymore and he’s older. Old can still be awesome but not with the abuse his body has taken and is still taking. It’s only 2029 people! I expected Wolverine to outlive me. The kid is cute though. Although she has me wondering if the healing and claws come with that attitude she seems to have inherited along with the good, the bad, and the awesome that is The Wolverine. Figures they’d need to hand the reins to a lady when Hugh Jackman steps down because how else would they limit the riots? I had a one woman riot in my bedroom and pissed my roommate off. In fact, don’t know if anyone noticed but I went on a strike because Hugh Jackman sheathed his adamantium claws. I thought he was one of the best Wolverine/Logan/James ever and I can’t picture anyone else taking on the the role. He brought Wolverine to life in a way we will all remember even in 2029. I’m heartbroken that he has to give up the gore. The acting is good but the plot is riddled with more holes than Logan at the end. SPOILERS! What happened to the other mutants? If they indeed stopped being born shouldn’t the same have happened to humans according to the theories explained in the previous movies (do-overs included)? ¬†Are we still going to call the character Wolverine now that the claws have been passed on? After firmly establishing in the previous movies that Wolverine can’t be killed and that he doesn’t age naturally then killing him in this movie when he is now OLD, I can honestly say the writers are as confused as they tried to make their audience. Now they’re trying to follow the comic books? Why? Logaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I can’t wait to see what they do next.

logan noooooooooooo

I wish Laura(Dafne Keen) all the best taking on after James(Hugh Jackman). Goodbye Professor(Patrick Stewart), or will we see you in the next X-Men movie? Caliban(Stephen Merchant), you’re a light dark times. Laura, sweet and awesome Laura, you’re too young to watch this movie so I’m telling James. Goodbye Hugh Jackman as (Wolverine/Logan/James). I will never forget when you were The Wolverine. Thank you for nearly two decades. As I’ve been saying since I saw the movie, Logaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Ta!Logaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan